How NDIS Providers Can Grow Their Participants

NDIS Providers - Grow Your Participants
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For most Providers, their number one goal is to establish a career and an organisation that provides meaningful services to Participants.

Unfortunately often ends up happening is that a lot of Providers don’t to reach their goal simply because they’re unable to grow their Participants base.

The problem for most of these Providers is that they’re overwhelmed by the never ending pile of paperwork, and this results in a lack of time and attention given to develop their marketing strategy and growing their network.

These Providers have fallen into the trap of not prioritising and planning properly. They incorrectly assume that Participants will come to them. That’s not how the NDIS industry works. Providers need to be analysing their strengths and the network around them and creating a strategy to showcase why Participants should come to them.

Let’s go through a comparison to demonstrate this point.

Provider A has no direction and just tries to get any Participant they can get. They are constantly running off their feet are stressed out, feeling they are running around in circles

Provider B has quite a few registration groups they service, but they focus on really optimising their operations and making a name for themselves as the local NDIS leader in a few key registration groups. They sit down regularly with doctors and Local Area Coordinators and showcase how they are the best at what they do.

Provider B is likely to quickly make a name for themselves amongst their local network and start receiving constant steam of Participants with little effort.

Which Provider would you prefer to be?

Another thing to consider is there are more and more Providers getting started in the NDIS. This means more and more competition. Gone are the days in which you could be one of the few Providers around and have Participants flock to you.

Now every second man and his dog is a Provider – how will you seperate yourself from them?

Don’t get disheartened though –  the fact the competition is increasing is actually good news – because it proves there is so much potential in the NDIS.

Now is the PERFECT opportunity to start creating your NDIS organisation brand. If you don’t do this, you’ll quickly be overtaken by the Providers that do, and you’ll left in a constant state of scrambling to stay afloat.

But if you do market your NDIS organisation successfully, you’ll easily attract the Participants you want.

To do this, you’ll need to be very clear on your marketing strategy:

  1. Your networking tactics with Support and Local Area Coordinators. This is goldmine – LAC’s refer Participants to Providers. You need to learn how to network with them
  2. What’s your niche? Who can you service and how can you build up your name?
  3. What’s your unique marketing strategy for each registration group you’ll be servicing. How can you showcase that your organisation provides these registration groups better than anyone else?
  4. Which region you want to capture and who are the key players in that region
  5. Networking in the wider community. Are you having referrals from professionals who have access to Participants? If not – you’re missing out
  6. SWOT analysis. What’s your business strengths and how can you capitalise on this? What are other’s doing around you?

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