Importance of Business Development

As a provider it can often be a daunting process on ensuring that your business is meeting all the requirements from a compliance perspective whilst at the same time flourishing as a business.

Oftentimes providers have key fundamental areas that are lacking and oftentimes it becomes a domino effect and impacts the entire operation.

The 5 key areas within any NDIS business irrespective of which services are being provided are:

  1. Human resources
  2. Financial
  3. Client service
  4. Compliance
  5. Marketing & Business Development

As a provider you need to ensure each of these parts are working collectively and flow together to ensure the overall success of your business.

Now let’s explore each one in detail so we can better understand each one in detail.

1. Human Resource:

We all know that the driving force for any business to be successful is human resources.  It is imperative that the HR system within your organisation is strong and that the selction criteria for candidates is well developed.

Oftentimes dealing with providers we have seen the HR process is very rushed, and not well planned out, often resulting in not selecting the right fit for your organisation.

No matter the size of your organisation, it is important that

2. Financial and PRODA

Having a healthy cashflow for the business is vital for the longevity of any business, and NDIS is no different. As consultants the amount of providers we have seen that provide services to participants with limited funds, or plan has run out, and has caused a significant cash flow issue for organisations is enormous.

It is important to have a designated person within your organisation that focuses on financial management. This encompasses your software for rostering, PRODA, Xero etc.

3. Client Delivery

Client delivery commences from enquiries occurring, onboarding and induction all the way until the participant is registered within your organisation and continuity of support.

This journey of signing up a participant should be in line with the organisation’s mission and vision. It needs to ensure that it is approached in a person- centred manner.

4. Compliance

As we all know the NDIS is highly regulated, and all providers need to meet the NDIS quality & safeguard standards. In addition, providers are required to go through a midterm audit. Not to mention all the incidents and complaints that can occur during the course of your business.  It is vital to have a designated compliance officer that focuses on ensuring the organisation is meeting all requirements.

5. Business Development & growth

Growing the business is a key aspiration for all providers, and whilst some providers want to grow organically, others want to grow at a fast exponential rate.

However we can all agree on the importance of business development within this space, as clearly without participants we cannot provide services.

At Avail Consulting, we will be conducting an exciting 5 week Business Development that will focus on these 5 areas. Whether your starting out or have been in the game for awhile, and need restructuring, this 5 week program is ideal for you.

Our consultants have worked with hundreds of providers that have seen a common theme and thus was the driving force for this masterclass.

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