Preparing for Mid term audit

Mid-term audit can be a daunty experience for providers, especially with the constant changes to the legislation. Whilst most providers have already completed the provisional audit, a great majority are yet to complete the mid term audit.

So what us the mid term you ask?

The mid term audit is to assess providers level of compliance and ensure participants are safeguarded. The primary objective of the mid-term audit is to ensure that providers are meeting the regulatory requirements and are in line with NDIS quality safeguard expectations of providers. As a provider, when you went through your first audit, chances are you did not have any participants or employees. Thus, at this stage auditors were only assessing your templates, and your policy. Therefore, the midterm audit is an assessment on your implementation of these policy and procedures and your templates. It is also to assess how well you have improved, especially if there were minor non conformities that were identified. During this stage they would also interview several of your employees and support workers.

How to prepare for the midterm audit?

Preparing for the midterm audit can be very stressful. The best way to prepare for it is to delegate your tasks, and ensure you have a checklist that you can go off by. The preparation stages are divided into 3 key areas;

Governance encompasses the system by which an organisation is controlled and operates, and the mechanisms by which it, and its people, are held to account. Ethics, risk management, compliance and administration are all elements of governance. In this section you should have the following:

This includes all staff and support workers, Each staff should have a unique folder and should include:

This area is all in relation to participants. During the audit process, auditors want to observe that you are organization is having a person centered approach to dealing with participants. In this key area you should have the following as a minimum:

For more on the checklist, download our free audit preparation checklist.

For a comprehensive training on preparing for the audit, which will be liased with by an approved auditor, click on the link below to sign up for the webinar.

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Preparing for Mid term audit